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Published on July 5th, 2014 | by Irev

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Belt Buckle

Belts are some of the most common accessories both men and women use. They are used to either support pants or trousers, or even as a fashion statement. Belts come in various lengths, designs, and materials. An important part of a belt is its buckle, which clasps the belt together for solid support. Like belts, there are different kinds of buckles. To know how to pick the right belt buckle for you, read on.

1. The first thing you need to consider is the type of belt buckle you need. Knowing the characteristics of each type is essential in determining your preference. Generally there are 8 types: box-frame, box-out, clip, frame-style, plate-style, snap, tang, and traditional buckles.


  • Box-frame buckles are solid and rectangular, and have a metal tongue that connects the buckle to the belt. Box-out buckles are not typically worn for their functionality, but rather for being fashionable.


  •  Clip buckles are often huge and decorated, plus they have a large plate with a peg that pops into the belt.


  • The oldest type of buckle is the frame-style one, which has a frame and prong combination, with the prong connecting to the end of the frame.


  • The plate-style buckle has three hooks to fasten the buckle onto the belt. The snap buckle is securely popped onto a special belt. In the tang buckle, there are two metal tongues that are connected into the holes of its belt.


  • Finally, traditional belt buckles appear to be classic in design, have one or three clamps, and are often made from brass, silver, or nickel.

2. The next thing to determine is the style of the belt buckle. Generally, there are five styles: Armed Forces, biker, cowboy & Western, sports, and superhero buckles.

As stated in its name, branches of the Armed Forces are represented in the design of the Armed Forces buckle. The biker buckle is often preferred by those who drive motorcycles because they are often designed with guns and eagles, or even motorcycles.


ARMY BELT BUCKLES: United States Army Rhinestone Belt BuckleUnited States Army Belt Buckle | BIKER BELT BUCKLES: My Other Ride is Your Mother Biker Belt BuckleFour Guns Belt Buckle

The cowboy & Western buckle is probably the most well-known, and it is often adorned with gems and stones that can showcase various themes related to cowboys, the South Western, Western, and even Aztec. The sports buckle features team logos and names, and even famous athletes’ names. Superheroes are often depicted in the superhero buckle.


WESTERN BELT BUCKLES: Rhinestone Pony Hair Tiger Print Western BeltWestern Indians of the Plains Belt Buckle | SPORTS BELT BUCKLES: Philadelphia 76ers Belt BuckleLicensed John Cena Belt Buckle | SUPERHERO BELT BUCKLES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Belt BuckleThe Avengers Belt Buckle

3. Once you’ve picked the kind and type of buckle, it’s time to know the right belt that goes with it. Determine the correct length by measuring your waistline and adding around 2 more inches to it. If you’re female, thinner belts are often better, while thicker ones often look better on men. Know what purpose you have for wearing a belt; usually women wear one to accessorize, while men often use a belt to hold up their pants.

4. After doing your research, it’s time to shop! Belt buckles can be bought in the mall, clothing stalls, or online. One thing you need to have while searching for the right buckle and the belt to go along with it is patience that is preferably longer than the belt you’re going to buy!

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