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Tips for Dressing on That Special First Date


“First impression lasts,” as they say and having a good impression on your first date is a must especially if you really like the guy. People normally seek for attention and for approval. Everyone loves to be praised, loved and cared for. That’s the reason why most of us want to step our best foot forward- making a good impression in order to attract the opposite sex.

So, how to make your first date extra special?

What to wear and how to act in front of the guy you really like is the usual dilemma of teenage girls on their first dates. You want to be remembered, stand out from the rest and be “the girl” of the man you are head-over-heels for.

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Rule #1: WEAR THE REAL YOU. Each girl has its own style when it comes to fashion. It is important to look good, in order to feel good but please don’t compromise comfort over fashion. Some girls love jeans and denims, others love dress and floral prints. I, myself, love vintage clothing and classic accessories. I cannot tell you what to wear, if you are not comfortable with it.  The best wardrobe of all is “CONFIDENCE.” Wear something that would fit your personality and make you feel and look pretty yet comfortable at the same time.


Rule #2: MYSTERY EQUATES SEXINESS. Men are visual; they are always enticed with what they see. Being sexy doesn’t have to show off too much skin. Men are naturally hunters, they love challenges and wearing less fabric on your body makes an impression that you’re too easy, thus, making it less challenging. Flaunt your assets, if you have a tiny waistline- wear a dress that would accent your hour-glass shape. If you have long legs, wear a skirt and heels. By the way, men loves women who wears heels, aside from that, it would make your legs look longer and it boost up self-confidence too but if you’re not comfortable with stilettos, wedge will do.

Rule #3: GOOD HYGIENE. Before your big day, make sure you hit the spa. Have your manicure and pedicure done. Make sure that the entire calluses you have on your feet are filedJ. Wax your legs, if you’re too hairy, have your brows trimmed if it is already very bushy. Be consistent with your facial routine (cleanse-tone-moisturize and exfoliating every week), it would give you good glowing skin.

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RULE #4: SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY. Men like women who wear less make-up. The lesser the better! Make-up is intended to enhance your features and not to hide it. If it’s a lunch date, it is always best to wear a simple make-up as much as possible. Lip and cheek tints are the best life-saver. It will give you a rosy natural look. Find a Bb cream that would fit best for your skin tone. You don’t want to look like an Opera Singer from a theater on your first date. In putting make-up, the eyes, brows and lips should be the focus.  Use a eyebrow powder instead of eyebrow pencil, to give it a natural look for your brows, a well-trimmed brows is a good canvas for eyebrow powder.

RULE #5: A SCENT THAT WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED: Did you know that Vanilla scented perfume seduces men more than other perfumes? According to psychologists, men are more turned on with vanilla scents. :)

RULE #6: STAY CHARMING. Call me old-fashioned but it is always attractive for a lady if she has fine etiquette and a well-rounded conversationalist. You don’t have to be academically smart but at least you are aware on the latest trends and news. Show off something between your ears! :)

Remember always that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones and if ever this date won’t turn out the way you thought it would be, keep in mind that it was never your fault. He’s not just the right guy for you. Have fun and enjoy!

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