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Published on August 5th, 2014 | by Irev

Top 10 Customized Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays happen only once a year so celebrating someone’s birthday is highly recommended. No matter how simple the celebration is, it can be made more special with customized gifts. Getting such gifts for a birthday celebrator is advisable because it showcases one’s effort and thoughtfulness, plus they can be creative gift ideas. That said, what are the top 10 customized birthday gift ideas?


  • If the birthday celebrant is a grown-up, especially a boyfriend or a husband, a customized belt buckle and a belt as gifts are a great idea. There are so many types of buckles out there that can be customized. They also make a great gift because they can wear the buckle and belt almost every day!


  • A picture frame may be a plain gift, but when it is customized, it becomes special! Include pictures of you and the birthday celebrator during the best or most memorable times of your life. Every time he or she looks at it, it’ll be a reminder of how special you are to him or her.
  • If you have a lot of memorable pictures together, why not create a customized scrapbook instead of using an album? The scrapbook will also showcase your creativity, which the celebrator will surely appreciate.
  • A common gift idea is a T-shirt, but with a personalized one, it can be something that the celebrator will look forward to wearing. Have a T-shirt customized by printing a picture of anything that the celebrator likes such as a band, a movie, or song lyrics. You can go the extra mile by asking his or her favorite celebrity to sign it!
  • Jewelry can be worn by both males and females, so if you’re feeling a bit generous, go for customized jewelry pieces or sets. You can customized jewelry by having the birth date of the celebrator engraved on it.
  • Birthday cards are too common; spice up one’s birthday by creating personalized birthday posters! You can either have one made with your desired design or create one yourself and exercise those creative juices!
  • As birthdays are also reminders of how time flies, why not get a customized clock for the celebrant? Be it a wall, desk, or alarm clock, as long as it’s customized, checking out the time will be more fun and memorable.


  • Today, we live in a techie world, so one of the best birthday gift ideas is a customized gadget cover for the celebrator’s cellphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s something that’s both decorative and practical, plus you’re sure that he or she will use it!
  • Sometimes, you either run out of ideas or enough money to purchase a gift, but don’t fret! You can create personalized birthday coupons! All you need is a small booklet, some pens, and your creativity! Input treats like hugs on a rainy day and kisses for sad days or promises like doing chores for 1 week and being a driver for 3 days.
  • Last but definitely not the least a birthday celebration isn’t complete without a cake! Be it a cupcake or a regular cake, it can be customized with a birthday message, a drawing that means something to the celebrator, or even a picture of his or her face! You can even ask cake shops to create a pull-apart cake that’s made with cupcakes which form a customized design!


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