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Published on July 28th, 2014 | by Irev

Travel Etiquette Dos and Donts

It is said that traveling is an expense that makes you richer as you immerse yourself in colourful cultures, diverse lifestyles, awesome cuisines, and fun activities in every place you visit. But before you do some travelling, keep in mind basic travel etiquette to make your experience truly memorable.



  • Research about the place you’ll be heading to: must-see places, must-do activities, where to shop, where to get the best accommodation, etc. This will help you create an itinerary so you can find enough time for each thing you plan to do. Your research should also include the local customs of the place so you won’t end up in embarrassing situations or worse scenarios.
  • Be considerate of your fellow travelers regardless of the type of transport you’re in. If you’re in a plane, make sure you do not dominate both armrests.Also, when reclining your seat, do it slowly and check that you won’t be invading the space of the traveller behind you.If you’re on a train listening to music, make sure it isn’t too loud. Remember that they are also like you who want to enjoy their travel. Al


  • Dress smartly. Through your research, you should already know whether or not you should bring summer time clothing or thicker outfits for colder weather. In addition, when visiting sacred places like worship houses, churches, cathedrals, and temples, respect them by wearing modest clothing.
  • Have a pocket dictionary of the local language in case you can’t find anyone who speaks your native tongue. Or you can also take language classes way before your trip. Just make sure you won’t be speaking any bad words!



  • Don’t be unprepared for emergencies or delays. Have a good book for delayed flights, extra clothes for outfit mishaps, alternative destinations during drastic weather changes, etc. Don’t kiss your travel plans goodbye just because of a minor setback!
  • While waiting for your mode of transportation, ensure that you don’t hog seats at the waiting area. Remember that you are traveling with other travelers/passengers who are also waiting for their ride. Don’t use vacant seats for your bags and other luggage!
  • When staying in a hotel or any kind of accommodation shared with other travelers, do not make too much noise. Don’t play music too loudly, don’t bang the door, don’t have shouting matches with your companions, etc. You are in a place where travellers expect to relax, not to listen to their neighbor’s noise.
  • Don’t be rude to anyone you encounter, especially the locals. You are there to immerse yourself in their culture, not question their traditions or beliefs.
  • Don’t keep converting the prices of local goods to your country’s currency. Chances are you’ll think you’re spending more and end up buying only a few things or worse, nothing, which you could regret later on. Moreover, don’t complain out loud if the local prices are indeed high; you might end up being unwelcome in local stores.

Overall, proper travel etiquette shouldn’t be so hard to practice; just be nice and have fun!

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