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Published on August 22nd, 2014 | by Irev

Unique Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalized gifts are often much better than regular ones because they show the extra effort the giver has put into them. Often, personalized gifts are quite unique since they are made for specific recipients in mind. Thoughtfulness is also showcased through such gifts and there are plenty of gift ideas that can be personalized for any occasion. In general, there are three kinds of personalized gift ideas: something one can wear, something that can be eaten, and something useful. Each kind has a wide variety of gifts you can choose from.


The trickiest kind of personalized gifts is arguably those that can be worn. You need to do extra research on the measurements of the recipient to get his or her exact size, particularly for clothes that cover much of the body like T-shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, jackets, blazers, etc. You also need to know the designs that would appeal to the recipient like his or her interests in music, literature, arts, pop culture, movies, TV shows, etc. This also applies to accessories that can be personalized such as jewelry, bags, belt buckles, etc.

Aside from the measurements and design, you also have to consider the color and material of the gift and make sure that it is compatible with the manner of personalizing it: etching, engraving, knitting, pressing, embroidering, etc. Whether it’s a piece of clothing or accessory, just make sure that it matches the recipient’s sense of style.


The yummiest kind of personalized gift ideas on the other hand is food! Yes, food can be personalized, particularly cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and other baked goods. Aside from messages or meaningful text, food can be personalized by creating a picture of the recipient’s face or a caricature. This is quite effective on cakes, especially big ones that can be made into a canvass for a personalized artwork.

You can also ask a specialty candy store to create custom candies like colourful candy-coated chocolate pieces with the recipient’s initials on them. For savory food, you can arrange them in a way that spells out the recipient’s name or your personalized message for him or her. For this kind of personalized gift, make sure that the food is something the recipient actually eats or would like to eat (if it’s something he or she hasn’t tried yet).

Finally, personalized gifts that are useful are the most practical because they usually last longer. There is a wide selection of useful personalized gifts available such as pens, clocks, protective covers for gadgets, pillows, etc. A common way to personalize them is by including the recipient’s name in them. For example, pens can be engraved with the recipient’s full name, while his or her nickname can be embroidered into pillows.When choosing from this kind of personalized gift ideas, the things you need to consider are the recipient’s favourite things like colors, books, animals, and so on. Also, pick something which the recipient will absolutely use. Learn his or her hobbies and interests! You don’t want your gift to end up in the recipient’s attic or basement, wouldn’t you?

Whichever kind of personalized gift you’ll be getting, you also need to ensure that it’s proper for the occasion!


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