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Published on February 23rd, 2011 | by Nir A.


Using your sense of fashion the best way

If your wish to put your best face forward and learn the tricks of applying beautiful makeup, these tips will definitely help.

1. Look Natural

Even after applying detailed makeup, you must look natural. If you use colors for your face, keep them in harmony with other shades. If you have light skin or hair color, try teaming it with darker shades that highlight your features. Using oil control moisturizer with movable powder is essential for makeup on oily skin types.

2. Appropriate makeup

You must know the occasion you’re dressing for. You must be differently prepared if you’re going for your convocation or a party. Try using more colors for nighttime makeup than for daytime.

3. Lips

There are different lip colors that suit different skin tones. To make your lipstick last long, coat your entire lips with it. If your lips are thick, draw a line within them, but don’t do the contrary for thin lips, to accentuate your looks.

4. Hair color

Hair color must be in accordance with you skin and natural hair color. If you have light hair, go for light colors. Get the roots of hair colored as well.

5. How much is enough

Makeup must brighten all the good areas and hide all the unattractive ones. Too much of makeup can be equally harmful:

* Using dark and thick eyeliner or shadow will spoil your entire makeup.

* Too much mascara with a dark blue eye pencil makes the face look unnatural and ugly.

* Use foundations that make your face look soft and natural.

* Applying powder unfairly will make those facial lines obvious.

6. Rarely wearing makeup

Women, who don’t wear makeup, don’t know its application. However, they must start with one base at a time. Try using basic things and then move on to comprehensive makeup.

7. Touchups

Touching up will keep your makeup fresh all through the day. Touchup all places that have lost color to keep your look perfect and fresh.

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