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Published on June 20th, 2014 | by Irev

Ways to Properly Take Care of Your Handbag

Devastation! Is the word that would best describe our feeling when our favorite handbag is ruined. It may or may not be a designer’s bag or just a simple bag that you bought in the department store; we want our bag to be in good condition. Our handbag completes our whole look at the same time; it is something that will carry our precious things. It adds sophistication and edge when we wear it. It’s a statement as well as it is a reflection of who you are.


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Here are some tips on ways to properly take care of your handbag.

  • Never place your handbag on the floor. Whenever we go for a stroll and eat in a restaurant, never place it on the floor. Imagine the floor to contain lots of dirt that you can’t see with your naked eye. If the restaurant has a bag holder, it will be wise to place it there however if it doesn’t have one, you could purchase it which is available in the department stores. In that way you can carry it all the time. But placing the bag also in an empty chair or just simply placing it in your lap is also another option.
  • Keep in mind that handbags are not made of the same material. It is best to know what your handbag is made of. Find out the type of material. In this way it is easier to clean your handbags with its instructions to preserve its look.
  • Never store your handbag in plastic. Like a person, your handbag needs air to breathe. Storing it in a plastic does not allow it to breathe and it resist moisture so therefore it traps wetness. Thus, it creates a mold that will destroy the look of your handbag.


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  • Handle your handbag with clean hands. Simple, if you have stained oily, dirty hands you’ll likely to transfer the stain to your bag. Thus,  you will be always be cleaning your handbag.
  • Avoid over-cleaning your handbag. Some cleaning materials used in washing your handbag can destroy the look and the material of your handbag.
  • Stuff your handbag when not using it. Stuffing your handbag will maintain its shape and integrity. You can use newspaper or a tissue paper to stuff your bag.
  • Do not use creams or lotions to clean your leather handbags. Yes, our skin will look great with the use of creams and lotions however, bags are not skins so, and using it to clean leather handbags will just destroy its look and material. Creams and lotions contain oils and minerals that are not compatible with leather thus; it will only darken its color.
  • Zip it or fasten the handbag and overlap its handle on top of it. In this way, it will not create more stress to the bag that can cause tearing.
  •  Baking soda does the trick in removing the odor of your handbag. Placing the baking soda inside your bag and it will absorb the odor. Heat will also help.
  •  Leave the repair to the expert. As much as we want to save our bags, it is much wiser to bring your handbags to seamstress before we create bigger damage to it while saving it.

All of these tips are very much helpful in taking care of your handbags. Following these tips will help you save money in buying another handbag because the old one is impossible to use, in short, these tips will help you in prolonging the life of your handbag.

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