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Ways to Properly Take Care of Your Watch

Regardless of what kind of watch you have proper maintenance to keep its accuracy and appearance in one piece. Each of us as watch owners we want our watches to last as long as it could for our hard-earned money worth the cost of it. But unfortunately some of us doesn’t have any clue on how to or what to do to maintain our watches in good shape. There are several different ways on how to properly take care of your watch easily and accurately. Here I will tell you some tips and information on taking care of your watches.

For complete instructions you must read and refer to the manufacturer’s manual for care and warranty of the items. And if your watch has a quick-set feature avoid or if possible do not set your time between the hours of 8pm to 4am, this will impair the time piece of your watch.

Always take your watch of when setting its time because pulling the crown of the watch while it’s still on your wrist will slowly loosen it.


We, watch owners, know that water is a huge hazard for our watches, except for those kinds that are water resistant and water proof, so we must avoid the watch’s face getting wet to prevent it from having condensed water in it but if so you have, don’t just throw it away and take it to professionals for checking and fixing.

For different types of watches with various water resistance I have researched some basic guidelines, first, water resistant to twenty (20) meters or basically labeled as water-resistant can withstand splashing, second, water resistant to fifty (50) meters is fine for light swimming but not prolonged dipping, third, water resistant to two hundred (200) meter is safe for diving and lastly water resistant to more than two hundred (200+) is suitable for deep diving.


Besides water other hazards for our watches are temperature and chemicals. Leaving your watch in extreme heat will dry up lubricants premature aging of dials and cause dial lacquers to lift or bubble and extreme cold will cause the watch to lose time.

Chemicals, solvents and gases will cause the discoloration and deterioration of your watch so you must avoid it as much as you can, when dealing with those things take of your watch and keep it safe somewhere to prevent the damage. It is okay for your watch to be near all household appliances but avoid getting them exposed to electricity and magnets. Great impacts on watches like getting dropped will damage it so avoid it. And also avoid your watch in salt water because it may gradually get damaged.

So at the end its okay to find a little time to remove and wipe off smudges and fingerprints found on your watch’s case, crystal and metallic watchbands. Leather bands are cleaned with proper cleaner and conditioner once in a while; metal bands can be removed and cleaned with the appropriate machine along with other jewelries.

wiping off smudges and fingerprints

Be gentle while purposely cleaning of the dust and skin particles from those hard to reach areas with soft brush. And there you go a watch that is as good as new

Remember the cost of anything you buy can be worth it if you just have the right know-hows, dos and don’ts of that specific thing and take a little time to care for it and make it last long.

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