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Published on July 6th, 2014 | by Irev

Ways to Wear Lace Dresses


The lace trend is still going strong, these days. In line with this growing trend, there are more ways to wear lace dresses. Whether your style is well-mannered and demure or rock chic, there are several styles of lace dresses available. In addition, several factors would play a role when looking for ways to wear lace dresses.


Casual Wear
Another way to wear lace dresses would be for a casual wear. When considering the lace dress for casual wear, you have to look at the quality of the fabric. Those lace dresses with lower quality are better off casual. You can wear the dresses for your day-to-day looks. You can choose a short lace dress in a neutral color and pair this off with a leather accessory for a casual and fun look.


Party Wear
Colored lace is a big trend this season. Colored laces can actually make quite a statement. You can stray from the standard white and black lace dresses and go for the red and pink ones. You can combine this lace with neutral accessories. A red lace dress would make a perfect party dress. This can be an alternative to the little black dress you are always wearing.

Metallic Lace Wear
For those who want to wear lace dresses that are more contemporary, they can go with the metallic lace dress wear. This lace dress is perfect for any party occasion. In addition, this can also create a fun evening look. You can pair this up with patent accessories and even metallic jewelry.
Sheer Lace Wear

You can also wear lace dresses and make it the focal point of the entire attire. A sheer lace dress is the best way to do this. There are daring individuals who opt to wear these dresses without any slip underneath. However, modest ones think a slip is a smarter option. You can balance the revealing style of the sheer lace wear through choosing a longer cut or perhaps a more relaxed cut.


Heavy Lace Wear
Heavy and more structured lace is in for this season. This type of lace is better at keeping structure and creating a more defined silhouette. The heavy lace wear is much easier to style.

Evening Wear
Lace dresses are perfect for evening wear as well. You have to look for better quality lace, as this is more suited for special occasions and evening wear. Longer laced dresses can be quite elegant. Black lace is a great option for creating drama. However, white or cream colored lace dresses work perfectly well too.

You should not be afraid to experiment with lace. With these tips, you will be able to create the perfect look with your lace dresses. Whether it is for your day-to-day outfit or for special occasions, lace dresses are a classic and elegant option. You should consider getting a few styles and types of lace dresses in your wardrobe, as this never goes out of style if you know how to create that perfect look.

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