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Published on August 9th, 2014 | by Irev

Western Belt Buckle Buying Guide

Belt buckles are widely used among a lot of people, particularly cowboys and cowgirls. They are both decorative and practical accessories that can be made from a wide range of metals. Moreover, there are various styles of belt buckles, and a popular one is the western belt buckle style. When purchasing a Western belt buckle, what things should you consider?


First, you need to consider what kind of metal you wish your belt buckle to be made from. Western belt buckles are often made from various metals including brass, bronze, chrome, copper, gold, nickel, pewter, silver, and steel. Metal-made Western belt buckles are advisable because they can have beautiful etchings and engravings of different patterns, designs, pictures, and text. Metals are also more advisable because they are quite sturdy. Picking one is usually a matter of taste, though. However, you should also consider the overall outfit you’ll be matching the Western belt buckle with. For example, if you’ll be wearing sterling silver jewelry, then a silver Western belt buckle is recommended.

Second, if metal isn’t your thing, other materials can be used for Western belt buckles. They can also be created from leather or faux leather. Or if you have a colourful personality, you can opt for ornate Western belt buckles that can be covered with crystals or be painted with enamel. There are also combination Western belt buckles that feature at least two different materials like a mix of two metals, a metal-leather combination, or a metal mixed with shells or mother-of-pearls.


Third, study the terminology used when it comes to the parts of Western belt buckles. This will be helpful in selecting the right buckle that meets your specifications. Some common Western belt buckle words include the following:

  • Bar – This is the vertical strip located at the back of the buckle and goes behind the strap.
  • Blank – This term is used for a plain piece of metal that has yet to be engraved with any design.
  • Chape – This is the piece that allows the bar to connect with one end of the belt’s strap.
  • Frame – This is usually a square, oval, or rectangular-shaped hollow metal piece that is most prominent on the buckle and is located in front of the strap.
  • Prong – This is what secures the belt in place as it is put through a hole on the opposite end of the belt strap.

Fourth, you also need to learn how to attach a Western belt buckle before purchasing one. Not all belts have interchangeable buckles and it is sometimes necessary to buy a different belt to match a Western belt buckle. To check if a belt is compatible with a Western belt buckle, turn the belt over to its wrong side. Check if the strap in the buckle area attaches to its metal snaps by pulling them gently. If the snaps loosen, then the buckle can be removed.

Finally, it’s time to find a place where you can purchase Western belt buckles. You won’t be having difficulty in doing sobecause there are many: gift shops, souvenir stores, mainstream retailers, Western wear catalogs, department stores, flea markets, yard sales, online shops, leather goods craftsmen, classified ads, and a lot more.

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