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Western Belt Buckles

Big belt buckle, that’s the first thing we expect to see from a cowboy. But it is not simply a plain belt buckle in today’s modern time. Big belt buckle is now being use as an accessory to make an outfit fashionable.

Pewter Enameled Bald Eagle Buckle,Championship Rodeo Belt BuckleLine Dance Belt Buckle

A western belt buckle, also known as Texas, cowboy or cowgirl belt buckle is such an iconic piece that it is given as a prize to a Rodeo winner or a professional wrestler who won a title. Its size may vary but the bigger and heavier it is, the more sense of individuality it gives. In fact, you can recognize a cowboy because of his big belt buckle.

Have you watched western films featuring cowboys or cowgirls wearing traditional big rusty belt buckles? Did it ever cross your mind that the large buckles that you see on the big screen will eventually be hitting the fashion scene? Believe it or not, the heavy, iron-plated metal of the 80’s exploded as the biggest American buckle style of the 20th century.

Southwestern Turtle Belt BuckleNative American Bull Skull Belt BuckleIndian Chief Skull Pewter Enameled Buckle

Prior to the coming of the silver-plated iron buckles, most cowboys wore suspenders which were derived from military friction buckles. These do not need buckles to hold pants. It was Hollywood that introduced what is known today as Western Belt Buckle.  The movie Urban Cowboy which featured John Travolta was the first western film to popularize its use. It brought the buckle style to the mainstream. After the movie’s success, trend for big belt buckles escalated.

Western buckle style has always been in the fashion scene. These days, you can see them worn by cowboys in rodeo, by couples dancing the two-step in clubs, and by western country–singers.

Today, most western belt buckles are of light weight. Nevertheless, they remain large and imposing. They come in a wide variety of styles which include patriotic symbols such as the American Flag and American eagle. Other common designs are longhorn cattles, cowboys, horses, and bulls. Of course, you can customize the design of your belt buckle to suit your taste.

Western Boots Belt BuckleEagle Belt BucklesLone Star State Texas Belt Buckles

While it is true that different styles have emerged since its coming, you should still choose a buckle that suits your personality. Western belt buckles are likened to jewelries. They can make you look more beautiful. Spice up your western outfit with the right buckle.  Learn how to pick the right size and color. Large size belt buckles fit well with jeans, while smaller ones go well with shorts and skirts. Color coordination is also very important. Make sure that your buckle and belt are of the same shades, or at least, complement each other. Remember that your belt buckle will look best when properly match with your western clothing and your boots.

Pewter Enameled Boot Scootin’ Belt BucklePewter Enameled Rodeo Belt BuckleBig Rhinestone Bull Skull Belt Buckle

Bear in mind that belt buckles are symbols of Western fashion. They are rustic and stylish which makes them good bet for collectors. Lastly, remember that they are made to attach and accessorize but not to overpower your outfit. Look fabulous and go bolder with western belt buckles!

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