Marvel DC Comics Pattern Printed Backpack--SALE!



Saved the Day with this Marvel Super Hero DC Comics Pattern Printed Backpack.


This Marvel DC Comics Pattern Back pack Printed Marvel Super hero all over the Bag pack, Show your power and Fight  together with Marvel Spiderman, Wolverine ,Thor, Captain America, Incredible Hulk. With These Bag Your Friends will be Supprised because you Got the Power of all Marvel Super heroes! Be Over Powered and Be Stylish! This Bag is big enough to carry everything You needs for school, with more pockets than You expected.


  • Size: 12.5" W X 16.5"H X 5.5"D
  • DC Comics Marvel
  • Marvel Super Heroes Print our All over the Bag
  • 3-5 Days Shipping

Marvel DC Comics Pattern Printed Backpack--SALE!

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