Revolver Holster Lighter Belt Buckle---CLEARANCE!!!



As a smoker, you know the number one reoccurring problem is losing your lighter. There\'s no worse feeling then craving a smoke and not having any way to ignite it

Holster & Gun Lighter Belt Buckle

With this unique belt buckle, your problem is solved! Simply remove the gun Lighter from the buckle, Light your cigarette and then easily replace into its holster buckle fixture. This lighter produces a big flame that resist most weather conditions and burns clean and efficient butane gas.You may choose to add one of our high quality SNAP ON leather belts, in a discounted rate to go with your buckle

  • Material:Zinc/Steel
  • Buckle Size: 5.25\" W x 3\" H
  • Right Hand Belt Pull
  • Buckle Weight: 7.7oz
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Top Positive Reviews

  1. Matthew F. says on 04/8/2009:

    Matthew Fox's review

    I got mine today but i don't know where the fuel goes. It's a sick buckle and looks great but i need to know where to fill it up, can anyone help?

  2. Trevor W. says on 12/3/2008:

    Trevor Weary's review

    Great buckle, ordered it the first time and it came faulty but i already threw out the original packaging before i noticed... but the buckle is so beautiful i ordered another one and it works wonderfully... definably worth paying twice

  3. David B. says on 10/18/2008:

    David Beirne's review

    One word to describe this belt buckle. LOVE
    It lights from the barrel unlike some belt lighters, and it really looks nice, the revolver thing revolves, No complaints at all 5 outta 5

  4. Rashawnda F. says on 04/5/2008:

    Rashawnda Fitch's review

    I'm a sucker for gun lighters so when mine arrived I filled it up immediately. It's awesome, the first thing that came to mind was "torch." I'd recommend this to any smoker or pyro!

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Revolver Holster Lighter Belt Buckle---CLEARANCE!!!

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