Spinner Revolver Belt Buckle



High quality 2 tone chrome belt buckle. This spinning revolver buckle resambles a .44 calibar magazine. You may choose to add one of our high quality SNAP ON leather belts, in a discounted rate to go with your buckle.

Spinner Revolver Buckle

  • Designed to fit a 1.5” W belt
  • Size: 3" W x 3" H.
  • Weight: 4.9oz
  • Material: Nickel & Lead FREE metal

Top Positive Reviews

  1. Rudy V. says on 03/22/2009:

    Rudy Villarreal Jr.'s review

    I don't know what number buckle this is for me, but this would probably be a part of my least favs(all my buckles make my favs) mainly because of the fact that it doesn't really spin, you have to keep flicking it. Most people seem to like it though.

  2. Emilio C. says on 04/9/2008:

    Emilio Cruz's review

    I have not purchased any yet but my cousin has this one and he says he loves it the ways it does a click just like when you load a gun and u turn it.

  3. Kent F. says on 02/1/2008:

    Kent Fuller's review

    Initially disappointed with this one. The buckle itself has a nice shiny two tone look that's really awesome, but it doesnt really spin. I was under the impression it would do continual spinning, but instead it more closely resembles clicking and making one or two revolutions. It still looks awesome though.

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Spinner Revolver Belt Buckle

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