Because our items are constantly changing to keep only the best items at the best prices, we do not offer a paper catalog.

What happens if the carrier I used claims the package was delivered but I never received it?

Our carriers, USPS and UPS are generally very reliable. However, the above scenario, although not common, could happen. If this happens, we suggest you double-check to make sure the package was not left anywhere around the house, porch, stairs, with neighbors etc. If none found, you are welcome to contact the carrier yourself, using the tracking / confirmation number we provided you. If you can’t resolve the issue with them, you are welcome to contact us and we will contact the carrier. UPS, on some occasions, will take responsibility for their packages (if left at a non-secure location) and will refund the cost of the order. USPS will not do that (unless you contact us at the time of the order and ask for the packaged to be insured). Hot Buckles Inc. will NOT be responsible for such loss. The best you can do to avoid this scenario is to use UPS (which allows tracking at any point in time) to a business location or other location where it can be left with someone.  

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